Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Weddings and Such

Wedding season is upon us! I myself was married 6 years ago on June 1. It took us 7 years to tie the knot. I'm sure you're asking yourself "Why so long"? Well, I was only 18 when we got engaged and was entering my first semester of college. I wanted to finish school and get my career underway before I settled into marriage. My mom re-married almost 17 years ago on July 20, which is also her birthday.

Cindy just finished designing jewelry for a bride and her entire bridal party. I haven't gotten to post the new design on our site, but I'm giving you a sneak peek here! It's pretty and just what the bride wanted! Her bridesmaids had the set with pink Swarovski crystals instead of the clear. I hope she sends us some pictures! I was reading one of the blogs in my weekly Blog-Ring group, and Stacy is getting married! She and her fiance have a 9 month old little girl and I'm sure they have their hands full! Her little one is going to be so adorable in the dress she chose! I hope they have a special day! Good luck to all of them!