Thursday, August 6, 2009

Classy Closet Blog Swap: Guest Post By Kim

I joined the Classy Closet Blog Swap, and here is the guest post from Kim of Mission-Mommy. Enjoy!
I'm pleased to be participating in the Classy Closet Blog Hop with Michelle. I'll be taking over this blog for now, so bare with us! :)
I'm Kimberly, a stay home married mom with 3 children: Caleb-age 6, DJ-age 5, and Allison-age 2. I'm not your typical mother, and if you have a minute, I'll tell about what my life has been like since having my first child, Caleb, when I was just shy of 15.
I grew up in a close, loving family. My parents were always very loving and supportive. I also had a great extended family who helped in rearing me. I was an honor roll student who never got into any trouble.Then, when I went from elementary school to middle school, I went through a rebellious phase. I never got into drugs or drinking, but my closest friends had already had sex, and naturally I wanted to see what that was like, and also I didn't want to be the known as the last one left. I realize as I've gotten older how stupid I was at the time, but what happened then changed my life for the better.When I had sex for the first time, I never imagined that I would get pregnant! What teen does? When I first realized what was going on, my period was very regular, so I just knew it. I was scared, ashamed,worried. I couldn't tell my parents! I actually went 2 months hiding this from my family, until a friend told a nurse at my school, who naturally told my mother.My mom was heart-broken. To say the least, I was embarressed that I had gotten myself into that situation in the first place. I had contemplated getting an abortion, but my mom found out before the event could happen, which now I'm glad I never went through with that. She's strongly against it. I am now as well. I feel you should never opt for an abortion in any situation, please choose adotion if youfeel you can not handle being a parent.Pregnancy as a teenager is not fun. You stand out, everyone is talking about you, and you feel everyoneis making fun of you. More than likely they are. It's hard on your body, mind, family, and school life. It's not easy, and it's not even the hardest part of your journey in motherhood.To speed my story along, I went through my pregnancy, with complications, and had a beautiful 8.7 boy. My family helped me tremendously while I was attending school. I never went out with friends,which was hard at times. I wanted to be the mom to my son, not just a birth mother, so to speak.I graduated two years early at 16. I wanted to enjoy the special moments with my son, and thankfully,my mom actually pushed me to. She had to work and my grandmother took care of mewhile she was at work. I had two other children, thanks to my bad experiences with several birth control methods. I was a singlemom up until 2008, when I married the man who gave me my oldest child. We've been married a little over a year now. I've started a blog this year, I first started as a frugal gal, which naturally as a newlywedcouple with 3 young kids we have to be, but have grown into working with well known brands and companies to offer innovative products to my readers. It's fun, exciting, and gives me something other than endlesshours of pretend play, which I love, but every mom needs a little bit of time enjoying what they like to do for themselves. I stumbled into blogging, and it's where I'm staying until I eventually return to college to finish my teaching degree.