Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Home Sweet Home

This week I've been home a lot. Not only do I have a 2 day show this weekend, which I'll post about tomorrow, but my family leaves for Disney World on Tuesday!! Needless to say, I'm prepping for both. Making jewelry, working on orders, and making sure everything is caught up in my home for when I come back Sunday night. Monday will be spent packing for myself and little Chloe.

My home is nothing large. It's certainly not my dream home by any means. I make jewelry at the kitchen table for goodness sakes! Ah, to have my own studio! Brittany from The Greer 5 just had a post about her dream home. I'm hoping to move into mine one day soon. Speaking of being home, Theresa from over at TiLT Creations is home (and back sewing) from a nice family vacation. Take a look at her great pics!

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of winning this dachshund print from ChloeJessica. Jessica was sweet enough to send a bonus print, the one I picked as my fave in her giveaway. I just love them! Ever since my doxie passed away last year, my home hasn't been the same. They will brighten things up a bit around here. Check out her blog for some cute pics of Chloe the doxie and some new items she's working on!