Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Unexpected Friends

For most of my life I have had a few close friends. I tend to keep to myself and have always found it hard to talk to new people. Also, I am the kind of person who doesn't hide my feelings well. I try to be straightforward and I kind of tell it like it is. So people either like me or they don't I guess. Recently, I joined a mommy's group so Chloe and I would have some people to meet with and activities to do. I am so happy I did! I have met a lot of nice new friends that I hope to get to know a lot better.

In high school I had a very good friend who I did a lot of things with. We were close all throughout college, and through the beginning of our post-college jobs. However, we lost contact and hadn't talked to each other in over 7 years. Last week out of the blue, she called me hoping to reconnect. I was pleasantly surprised and happy to have her back in my life! She said she had been trying to find me and had been thinking about me for a long time. She had no idea I had a little girl and was very excited to learn that. I'm glad to have an old friend back!

I seem to make "friends" pretty easily online. Maybe because they don't know all your baggage or they just see you for what you present to them. I don't know, but I have really connected with Annette Piper of Under the Loupe. She is an amazing jewelry designer whom I've featured many times on my blog. I admire what she's done and how she is always there to lend advice or tips. It's too bad she lives all the way in Australia, because I would love to be able to chat with her. Please check out her blog because she shares her gorgeous designs and lots of knowledge!

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BoufMom9 said...

I just LOVE Annette. She is such a kind-hearted person.