Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Jewelry That Is Fabulous & Eco-Friendly!

Jewelry is very beautiful and an essential part of many of our wardrobes. For me, it's my livlihood! However, the process used to create it is often environmentally destructive.
Mining for gold, silver and other metals is the United States’ leading source of toxic pollution. That may come as a surprise, but it can take the removal of 280 tons of rock just to produce one ounce of gold. That’s because mining companies often extract vast quantities of dirt and rock and then spray it with cyanide or other chemicals to leach out microscopic amounts of metal. It can pollute our air and water. So what's a girl to do?

You can wear antique pieces or heirloom jewelry that's been in your family. Also wearing natural or recycled materials is a better choice than new metal. There is some beautiful jewelry made of wood, bamboo, paper, and recycled products.

Take a look at these eco-friendly fabulous finds:

I hope you will check out some of these great pieces and help out the planet in the process! Join me next week for some more fabulous finds!

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