Thursday, January 22, 2009

A New Era

It's official, we have a new president! I am not overly political, but I do care about certain issues a great deal. This was one election that I followed pretty closely. I am so thrilled to see what Barack Obama will do for our nation! It truly is a historical event to have our first black president elected into office! I wish him much success as I feel he has some fresh new ideas he will bring to our country.

Now, onto Michelle Obama. Since she stepped into the spotlight, Mrs. Obama has shown us she has style! Since jewelry is my passion, I have noticed that she has brought back something that has gone out of fashion, and that is the brooch. She has also been spotted wearing bold and layered pearls. I have a design I think might just be perfect for Michelle to wear! For more on Mrs. Obama's jewelry style and how to get it for yourself, check out my article at Beautiful!Fabulous!

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