Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Great New Places

Getting your name out there is truly a hard thing to do. I never could have imagined how many great jewelry artists there are out there. Every day I try to plug away a little bit, while Chloe is sleeping or playing. I recently joined a group called Everything Skwiggle, which is dedicated to bringing artists together for a place to chat, show off their newest creations, and help each other out. Missy has done a really great job making this a community for all of us. She has taught me many things and I'm happy I had the opportunity to "meet" her, so to speak!

Through Everything Skwiggle, I have also had the pleasure of "meeting" a very talented jewelry maker, Annette Piper. She has a background in gemology and has some phenomenal pieces! She has a great blog, Under the Loupe, which you should check out. Annette lives in Australia, which I can't even imagine, but they are getting ready for their winter months. I have to say I like all four seasons, but there's something about curling up by the fireplace while snow is falling outside that just makes me happy. I'm probably one of the few. Go see for yourself these great new places to visit!

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