Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Few Good Challenges

When I started this blog, I didn't have a real goal in mind. It seemed everyone who was anyone was blogging, and I thought I better join in. At first, I didn't "blog" too much, after all, what's so exciting with my life I thought. Over the past 2 years, though, I've joined some great social networking groups and met some talented people, and it gave me inspiration for my own blog.

Just recently I found a Fabulous network for me, called Handmade in PA. Of course, I'm from PA, so I found this to be truly helpful. The creator, Tara, has recently started a Blog challenge which I just took part in. It's for the whole month of April and it's filled with some great tips, like writing a Mission Statement. I never really thought to do that, but read what I felt was my goal for the blog in the About Us section.

Another great challenge I found through Heather's Ramblings is The Stone Soup Challenge. We all know times are tough right now and the goal of this is to have no more starving artists. If we all band together and support each other as artists, than we can all make out. Just click on the link above to read more about it and see who else is joining me in the challenge!


tara - said...

great job on your "About" page, Michelle! thanks for joining the challenge. i've linked to you in my sidebar.

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter! Your ideas sound wonderful! I'll be emailing you with the drawing info tomorrow. She wanted to check on sizing and was out of town this weekend, I guess.

LisaLisa said...

I'm glad to see you blogging,I think you have done a wonderful job. I too thought maybe blogging wasn't for me but I must say the support of all the people I have met have been really awesome. Keep up the good work!

Your hard work speaks for it's self!

Alexia said...

challenges are a great way to try new stuff, develop your skills & get yourself doing stuff you never thought you would. Good on you! :)

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