Friday, March 14, 2008

What A Week!!

This past week has been a tough one! Where to begin. My little girl was just not herself for the beginning of the week, and by Tuesday, she wouldn't eat and was just so miserable. Not to mention a fever that was on and off. I was so worried about her because she hardly ate for days, no matter what I tried. I did manage to keep her hydrated and she got a lot of rest. We tried to celebrate her PaPa's birthday, but she just was so upset she didn't even get any cake (very unusual for her)! Her doctor said the stomach bug was going around and by Sunday, I had it as well. Thankfully it only lasted a day, but that day was excruciating! Now that in and of itself was enough for me. Unfortunately, the bad luck didn't end there. Friday night I tried going onto my computer to check e-mails and do some work, only to find I couldn't get a connection. I spent 2 hours on the phone, but I just kept getting transferred and by this time, many of the people weren't in and I had to wait until Monday to get it figured out. A weekend without the internet! I wasn't used to it, but since Chloe and I were sick it didn't bother me too much. By Monday, we were both feeling better, so I decided to give the internet company another call. They could only tell me it was a billing issue, which didn't make any sense since my credit card gets billed every month and my husband pays it. However, nothing was simple to figure out. I had to order high speed again, and was transferred to so many people, I lost track. 4 hours on the phone!! To me that was just utterly ridiculous!! God bless Chloe, she was so patient with me. I hate to be on the phone, especially like that. I was told I wouldn't have the internet until Thursday. It takes 4 days to get me something I already had and shouldn't have ever been without?! By Thursday, I still didn't have it, and spent another 2 hours on the phone until I somehow managed to get my internet connection back. So I had over 300 e-mails to go through and have finally caught up. Computers are great and enable you to do so many things, but when they're not working, it's the biggest pain trying to figure out why! Let's hope things are looking up:)

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